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Terms and Conditions

Cemetery Acceptance and Delivery
Love Markers requires signed approval from each cemetery before an order is placed with our foundry. This is a courtesy service provided to our customers to verify the order placed is within the cemetery rules and regulations. Providing this service is to help the customer verify the cemetery will accept their order, however, it is solely the responsibility of the buyer to insure the item they are purchasing is within all cemetery rules and regulations.  Family is responsible for verification of all personal marker information. 

Cemetery Installation Fees & Regulations
Love Markers is not responsible for any cemetery or installation fees. The prices you see on do not include the cost of installation. Many cemeteries will have fees for installation and endowment care that you will pay directly to them. Check with them to find out what those charges might be. Most cemeteries require payment in full before accepting delivery of a memorial. When you check with them about their rules and regulations, verify when the payment has to be made. It may be possible to pay them as soon as you order the memorial.

Love Markers will do everything in its power to ensure that all memorials sold meet the requirements of the cemetery in which it is being installed. It is, however, ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser that the marker conforms to cemetery regulations.

Natural Materials
When purchasing a memorial, the purchaser acknowledges that granite is a natural material with variations in color and characteristics. Each of these colors are listed under the marker design.  These colors are standard for Coldspring markers and are included in the price of each marker. Occasionally, cemeteries require granite bases be a color of their choosing. Please contact the cemetery to see if a particular granite color is required. Should you want to purchase a marker from Matthews Bronze please call for granite color selection.

Love Markers also offers many other popular granite colors. For an additional price, selection of a different color for your base or marker can be arranged.

Drawings are computer-generated images and are intended as a visual representation only.  Its purpose is for the verification of names, dates, inscriptions and overall placement of emblems and portraits.  The exact appearance and location of letters, scrolls, portraits and emblems will vary between computer-generated printed image and the final product. 

Delivery time is normally 8 - 10 weeks after receipt of payment, cemetery and layout approval. Additional design elements (custom bronze designs, custom designs, portraits, etc.) may extend the delivery time. All memorials are shipped via truck freight. All freight costs are included in the price of the marker to cemetery or business destinations within the contiguous U.S. **(HI, AK, Canada and other countries will have additional shipping charges).  Additional shipping charges will apply if marker is shipped to any other area not located in the lower 48 states. Residential delivery is available at an additional charge (family is responsible for verifying cemetery approval). Any special shipping requirements will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Special requirements may include but are not limited to lift gates, rescheduling of delivery and non-commercial delivery. Should your marker incur damage during shipment, note the damages on the bill of lading. Contact us immediately and fax us a copy of the bill of lading so we can help you file a claim promptly. The shipping company will need to know the exact damage to the memorial. If possible, take a photo when you uncrate it-after noting the damage on the bill of lading. It is important to inspect the memorial immediately. The time frame to file a claim is usually 15 days. All merchandise should be retained in the original shipping container in the same condition when damage was discovered until an inspection can be done. While Love Markers will assist in filing a claim for damages, we are not responsible for the memorial after the bill of lading has been signed and delivery has been accepted.

Winter Deliveries
Some cemeteries will not accept delivery during winter months, especially those in northern states.  Snow and ice or frozen ground makes installations impossible.  Some installations cannot take place until mid-March or early April, and while some cemeteries or installers will allow us to ship early, others will not.  Or, they may accept delivery and store the marker but not do the installation until later.  Check with your cemetery to see if they have delivery cut-off dates.  Be sure to order your marker early on so it is ready to ship as soon as possible.

Love Markers must be paid in full before submitting the order to the manufacturer. On cemetery markers, purchaser will receive a layout for their approval. Production will not begin until a signed copy of the layout is received from the purchaser by Love Markers and the memorial has been paid in full. At the completion of all paperwork payment must be started within 30 days for the file to stay active. We accept payments in the form of credit cards, money orders and personal checks. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There will be a $35.00 fee for all returned checks. Balances due past 30 days are subject to a 5% finance charge per month.

Sales Tax
Sales tax will be added to all orders shipped within the state of Tennessee at the rate of 9.75%. Purchaser will be responsible for any applicable taxes in states other than Tennessee.

We are a custom monument company, there are no refunds on monuments and markers that include names.  Our cancellation period is 48 hours after payment is made.  There is a 15% service fee on all cancellations.


Our Name
Love Markers LLC.  West Memorials and divisions of West Stone Works Company, Inc.

The party signing this order agrees that in case of his or her inability to pay the stipulated amount as agreed, the said Love Markers, LLC., may if they elect, take the work from the cemetery or premises of the party signing the contract, he or she relinquishing all claims to said work or to any money he or she may have paid previous to such time.

It is further agreed by the parties of this contract that in the event this contract is placed in the hands of an attorney, or collection agency for collection, that the maker of this note, that is the purchaser of the above memorial, agrees to pay a reasonable attorney fee, together with all costs of the suit.

This Agreement shall be governed by, construed and interpreted in all respects by the laws of the State of Tennessee. Any suit brought to enforce this Agreement or for damages resulting from breach hereof or otherwise arising out of or connected with this contract may be brought only in a state or federal court located in Tennessee.

Privacy Policy

 Love Markers respects your right to privacy. Under no circumstances will Love Markers share this information (including your email address) with any other entity. Love Markers may use the information you supply to improve our site. If you provide your email address, we will only use it to respond to your requests and to notify you of changes to our website. If you do not wish to continue to receive email from Love Markers, please send email to [email protected]  This e-mail address is protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Love Markers does not sell, trade or furnish any of your personal information to third parties. Our customer information is protected through the use of secure servers.

Use Of The Love Markers, LLC., WebSite
The following information applies to your use of the Love Markers website. Please read this information. By using the Love Markers website, you agree to be bound by and comply with this information:

-The use of the words "Love Markers," "West Memorials" and "" refers to "West Stone Works Company, Inc.". Love Markers,, West Memorials, and West Stone Works are registered trademarks.

-All materials contained on this website including text, images, user interface, intellectual property and graphic design are copyright © 2001-2021. West Stone Works Company, Inc., West Memorials and refers to "West Stone Works Company, Inc. and Love Markers, LLC, Love Markers and are protected by U. S. and international copyright laws and treaties.

-No material may be downloaded, copied or modified from this site for any reason.

-Under no circumstances may any material obtained from this site be redistributed, in whole or in part, in printed or electronic form unless specifically authorized in writing from West Stone Works Company, Inc.

- Love Markers has obtained permission from their suppliers for the use of scanned and digital images from their catalogs and other publications. The original images remain the property of their original copyright holder and are not the property of Love Markers.

- Love Markers has digitally marked each image. The purpose of these markings is for use in prosecution of violators of these terms and conditions and copyright infringement.

-The materials presented on the Love Markers website are believed to be accurate on the date of publication. Love Markers shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions in these materials.

Disclaimer Of Warranties
The information contained on this website was believed to be correct on the date of publication but may contain some errors. All of this information is provided "AS IS" without any warranties or guarantees of any kind. In the event that a product is listed with an incorrect price due to typographical error, Love Markers shall have the right to refuse or cancel any such orders whether or not the order has been confirmed and payment has been received

Limitation Of Liability
In no event will Love Markers be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or any other class of damages in connection with your use or attempted use of this website.

Prices on our website are believed correct on the date published. We reserve the right to change these prices without notice. Pricing does not include installation unless otherwise indicated on the contract.  Quotes are valid for 30 days.

If any portion of this information is found unenforceable, it shall be considered stricken and the remaining information shall be interpreted as though the unenforceable information was not there.




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