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Our Story - - Grave Markers Sold Online for Less

My wife, Missy, and I are true memorialists.  Almost 30 years ago, I started working for a local monument company.  I quickly realized the unique art I was creating, for families locally, could be broadened nationwide.  18 years ago, Missy and I opened West Memorials then  With our exclusive headstone designs now online, we found many, many familes needing flat cemetery markers too.  

Love Markers was born out of the idea that it would be nice to help people feel good about more than just saving money. Always interested in finding a way to turn a negative into a positive, we felt if you must purchase a cemetery marker why not help folks in the process.

Ten years ago, when we first thought of this, attaching a charitable benefit to a purchase was an unheard of concept. Now it seems that everything from shoes to engagement rings comes with a "benefiting XYZ charity" tag attached to it. There is a big difference between really trying to help and a marketing strategy to make you look like a good guy. There are tens of thousands of grave markers sold in this country every year. A vast majority of the money goes into a big company's pile of dividends. If we can make a small dent in this number we can create very real help to some people that can use all the help they can get.

I am not crazy about the term "no brainer" but this is the perfect fit for this phrase. Our bronze cemetery markers are the same as you will buy from the local company, we cost less than anyone else and you get to know that a portion of your purchase is going to help those in need. Oh, we are nice too.

I truly believe that we can change how bronze markers are purchased nationwide. The days of being pressured by the cemetery or funeral home to buy a grave marker, at the time of need for a higher price, will be replaced by shopping at a time of your choosing. And you get to shop at home.

We are a family company looking to help other families while we work in the profession we love. Call or email us. You will know in an instant you are at the right place. Fixing an industry that needs fixing does not happen overnight; it will happen one marker at a time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Paul and Missy West
[email protected]


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Love Markers, LLC.
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Memphis, TN 38112
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901-767-0026 PH
888-257-3130 TF
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Open Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.

Love Markers offers a variety of flat bronze cemetery markers in many design styles and sizes. Granite grave marker designs can be customized with many different design elements. We specialize in custom marker designs. We can help you with the artistic custom design you envision, from portrait collages to etchings. Please contact us by phone or email--we are confident we can help you with a unique grave marker. If you are searching for an upright memorial or mausoleum please visit our custom monuments and headstones site Media courtesy of Coldspring © 2023

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