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Are you a reputable company and a member of the Better Business Bureau?

Yes, we are. We also are connected with many reputable bronze foundries and granite quarries to ensure you get a perfect memorial. Our testimonials are evidence of the care and emotion we share with you when we create a memorial.  Testimonials

What is your bronze make-up?
Not less than 87% Copper, Not less than 5% Tin, Not more than 5% Zinc, Not more than 2% Lead, All other elements not to exceed 1-1/2%.

What is your warranty?
While we have it in our care, we take responsibility for it.  The freight company has coverage on the cemetery marker until it is delivered with signed delivery notice.  We inform the cemetery/installer, on our approval request form and on marker packaging, to inspect the grave marker for damages before signing for it.  After the marker is signed for, it is the responsibility of the consignee.  These markers are made of the finest quality bronze and granite, same as you would buy from the cemetery, funeral home or another memorial company.

Where do you get your product?
We partner with the same foundries that all other monument companies, funeral homes, and cemeteries work with: Coldspring (previously Granit-Bronz) and Matthews Bronze. 

The cemetery says you are selling a substandard product.
This is not true.  The cemetery is just trying to justify their higher price.  Because of the limited number of foundries in the U.S. making grave markers, there is a good chance we are using one of the same manufacturers as the cemetery or funeral home. 

How can you sell the bronze and granite markers at this price?
Low overhead and volume.  Funeral homes and cemeteries are a convenient way to purchase a memorial and you pay for this convenience, typically at-need.  Bronze markers are very standardized nationwide in size and material which allows to sell and place markers all over the country.  We do not have an office in every state or staff in each state.  We keep our costs low, work hard with our suppliers and shippers and pass the savings on to you.  Our physical office can be seen at our ABOUT US page.

I don’t see the type memorial I need on your website, can you provide it?
Yes, Love Markers is a division of West Memorials, a monument company dedicated to creating unique and custom family memorials, civic and war memorials and mausoleums.  Through, you can find headstones, mausoleums and statuary of custom designs from Paul and Missy West.  We are seldom limited in designing what a family may envision.

Do I need to contact the cemetery?
No, when we take your order, we will get the cemetery name, address, phone and fax number from you and get their approval on the marker you wish to purchase.  Approval that the marker conforms to the cemetery regulations is most often received in writing. Ultimately, you will want to verify their approval, but we ask for a signature on a form which we can e-mail you on request.  Our form will also ask them for their installation fee which you will pay directly to the cemetery. If the cemetery does not reply to us, we may ask that you contact them.  It is ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser that the marker conforms to the cemetery regulations.

Can the cemetery refuse the marker I order from Love Markers?
No. There are specific laws enforced by the Federal Trade Commission preventing unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce.  With these consumer protection laws, the cemetery has to accept the grave marker even if you purchase it from someone other than the cemetery or funeral home.  Plus, we verify the marker meets their rules and regulations (see prior answer).

Will the cemetery still install the marker if I don’t buy it from them?
If the cemetery offers services to families who purchase a marker from them, they have to also allow you those same services per the Federal Trade Commission. Some smaller cemeteries may not have capabilities to do installations, and in that case, we can help locate someone who will do the installation.  You will pay the installation fee directly to the cemetery/installer.

Do you have a catalog of your memorials?
We have brochures for single, companion and infant bronze grave markers. You will find our online selections extensive in choices for bronze grave marker designs.  Since we are artists, a custom designed cemetery marker can be created in bronze or granite.  Please visit to see many unique flat marker designs.  We will be glad to help with the creation of a special custom memorial.  For items without pricing, please call our offices at 888-257-3130 where you will be connected with a specialist who will be happy to help you.

Can I order online?
Yes, we have a secured online order form. You can also contact us by phone at 888-257-3130 and speak to one of our specialists.

What information will I need to place an order? (The Ordering Process)
We will need your name, billing address, phone number and e-mail address. We will then ask for the cemetery’s name, address, phone and fax numbers so we can contact them to get their approval on the grave marker. Then, we will need to know the specifics of the marker such as design, desired granite color, full name, full dates and any sentiment or other design elements you would like to see on the grave marker.  A drawing will be sent to you for approval prior to cemetery marker being made.  (For some companion markers, a final date may be needed in the future and, being a separate piece, are purchased at that time.)

How long does the ordering process take?
Once we have your payment posted, your approval on the proof and the cemetery approval on the marker it takes 8 – 10 weeks for production and delivery; slightly longer if we have additional design elements (ceramic portraits or custom memorials).  We will always try to accomodate time frames, but we cannot make promises on production and delivery times other than the 8 - 10 weeks mentioned for standard marker designs.

What are emblems?
Emblems are basically little stamps molded into the bronze to help personalize the marker.  There are thousands of them to choose.  They are in set patterns and so cannot change in size, while some are made to be presented in different sizes and we may alter emblem sizes in order to fit the design you have chosen when that option is available.

Can I add a photo to the marker?
While ordering, you can add a ceramic portrait to go on the bronze.  You can scan the portrait as 300 DPI High Resolution JPG image and e-mail that to us (be sure to reference the name going on the marker).  Or, you can mail the original photo to us so we can scan the image and mail it back (we are not responsible for images mailed through the United States Postal Service).  The scan or mailed photo cannot be a copy as those will appear blurry on the final product.  It is best to choose photos that the person is not covered by people or objects, and in which the subject is clear.  
We can also create custom bronze memorials on which we can add the portrait directly into the bronze.  You can e-mail [email protected] for more information regarding this.

Can you do non-English characters?
Yes.  You will want to supply us with 300 DPI High Resolution JPG images of the characters (please mark which direction is UP).  This can be sent to [email protected] once your order is placed.  You cannot pay for this during the online order, but we will contact you to make that payment separate.  
As of February 1, 2019 (prices subject to change without notice):
Asian text $75 per character
Arabic/Cyrillic $250 per line (determined by foundry layout) 

What kind of payment do you take?
 Once we take your order, you will get a contract e-mailed to you. We accept check, money order or credit card. When paying by credit card you can use the online order form which is secured or please call 888-257-3130 rather than e-mail credit card numbers. If paying by a check or money order please forward a copy of your contract with the payment to:  Love Markers, 2481 BROAD AVE., MEMPHIS, TN 38112.           

Are future dates and inscriptions included in the cost of the grave marker?

No.  Dates to be placed in the future, sand-blasted inscriptions for granite markers or bronze scrolls for bronze markers, are not included in the cost of the grave markers.  Because we cannot predict where we will be in years to come, we sell bronze markers from the largest bronze foundries in the country - ColdSpring Granite and Matthews Bronze. Representatives from any monument company, funeral home or cemetery will know these company names and help with the cost and ordering process of these cast pieces.  If a future date is to be added to a granite marker, we always design memorials to have an industry standard font so an inscription can be sandblasted on the memorial from any company that does death date inscriptions.

What is the difference between a grave marker and a monument?

We usually refer to upright memorials as monuments. Those memorials that are flush to the ground or considered “bevels” or “slants” are what we call cemetery markers.

What sizes are considered standard?
The cemetery may have a regulations on sizes (which is why we take the order and submit an approval request to them).  Otherwise, there are several standard sizes for grave markers - single and companion - and you’ll find all the sizes on our website.  If you have a special request for a size please call or email us and to let us know your need and we’ll be happy to help further.

What happens in winter months?
Some cemeteries will not accept delivery during winter months, especially those in northern states.  Snow and ice or frozen ground makes installations difficult.  Some installations cannot take place until mid-March or early April, and while some cemeteries or installers will allow us to ship early, others will not.  Or, they may accept delivery and store the marker to hold for installation until later.  Check with your cemetery to see if they have delivery cut-off dates.  Be sure to order your marker early so it is ready to ship as soon as possible.

Love Markers offers a variety of flat bronze cemetery markers in many design styles and sizes. Granite grave marker designs can be customized with many different design elements. We specialize in custom marker designs. We can help you with the artistic custom design you envision, from portrait collages to etchings. Please contact us by phone or email--we are confident we can help you with a unique grave marker. If you are searching for an upright memorial or mausoleum please visit our custom monuments and headstones site Media courtesy of Coldspring © 2023

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