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FREE SHIPPING (Continental US)

Companion Bronze Cemetery Marker

Abbey Rose

Here you can select the desired size of the grave marker.

Our Bronze Grave Markers come without a Vase. Here you have the choice of adding one of our magnificent bronze vases to your grave marker; there are four styles to choose from. The bronze vase color will be matched to the bronze color selected above. All vases can be turned upside down when not in use.

Moonlight Gray

Royal Mahogany


Click on Granite Color to see an enlarged version of the color. Here you can select your granite which will be the base for your grave marker. Granite colors are TM of Coldspring.

Dark Brown


Emerald Green

Light Brown

Rose Red

We have Many Magnificent Bronze Colors for you to choose from; the preferred choice of our customers is Light & Dark Brown. Bronze colors are TM of Coldspring.

Please select which letter style you would like.

The Family name will go into this field

Please indicate in this filed the name which is to be on the left side of the grave marker.

You have a choice of year only date or Month, Day and Year: Example: Jan. 15, 1925

You have a choice of year only date or Month, Day and Year: Example: Feb. 21, 2006

Please indicate in this filed the name which is to be on the left side of the grave marker.

You have a choice of year only date or Month, Day and Year: Example: Jan. 15, 1925

You have a choice of year only date or Month, Day and Year: Example: Feb. 21, 2006

Here you can add a personal note to the memorial; we give you this option to personalize the memorial even more.The first 6 words are free of charge; after that we charge $20 per additional word (spaces are not counted). Example: We will see you in Heaven

All memorials can be customized with an emblem for personalization. Just click on the link to select emblems (over 1000 choices).

All memorials can be customized with an emblem for personalization. Just click on the link to select emblems (over 1000 choices).

Any requests you have would go into this field and we will try our best to accommodate those instructions. We will provide you with a Proof of the memorial before making the memorial.

Delivery Information:

Tax is included for shipments to Tennessee state : 9.75%

Home Delivery: $300.00

Please provide us a cemetery delivery address, phone and fax number. We will verify with the cemetery the correctness of the marker before making it.

Product Cost:
($) 3470.00


Need Suggestions?

Have Questions?

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Product Cost:
($) 3470.00


Love Markers, LLC., has prided itself on providing top quality memorials made to match the highest industry standards and regulations.  The foundries which create these timeless memorial designs have been in business for over 100 years and are the best craftsmen of bronze and granite markers in the nation.

Our process is to send you a drawing of the marker to approve, and we’ll also contact the cemetery for their approval on the marker.  Once we have your payment posted, your proof approval, and the cemetery approval on the marker, it usually takes 6 – 8 weeks for production and delivery.

We offer:
FREE – Full Name
FREE – Full Dates
FREE – 6 Verse Words  
FREE – Protective Coating
FREE – Bronze Color Options
FREE – Granite Color Options
FREE – Delivery to the Cemetery

We have helped many families over the years and hope we can help yours.


Please include the cemetery name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and fax number, also the contact person name and e-mail address if you have that. The more information you provide the better and quicker we will be able to help.

If we are not sending to the cemetery, please list the same kind of information for the destination of the marker.


After we receive your payment, and you have approved the proof, and the cemetery has approved the marker, it generally takes around 6 - 8 weeks for production and delivery. Shipments to HI, AK, and Canada will take longer.

The marker will (in most cases) ship directly to the cemetery who will get a call from the freight company to schedule a delivery appointment.


We will need to know if the truck needs a lift-gate for delivery ($60 charge).

If we ship to a residence the freight company charges an additional $300.

There are EXTRA shipping costs to Hawaii (HI), Alaska (AK), Canada and other countries. These costs are calculated by the weight of the marker and the address where the marker will be shipped. Please call for information - 1-888-257-3130.


Please verify with your cemetery that they understand: When the marker is delivered, do not immediately sign for it. Please inspect the marker upon arrival. If all is good, sign the delivery receipt and let the driver go. If there IS damage, please write the damage on the delivery receipt when signing your name. This will support a claim and the freight company will replace the marker they damage. The truck driver will not leave until you sign for the marker.

*Free delivery is to any Continental US business address that is not located in a residence (otherwise the freight company charges for residential deliveries).

Cemetery Acceptance and Delivery
Love Markers requires signed approval from each cemetery before an order is placed with our foundry. This is a courtesy service provided to our customers to verify the order placed is within the cemetery rules and regulations. Providing this service is to help the customer verify the cemetery will accept their order, however, it is solely the responsibility of the buyer to insure the item they are purchasing is within all cemetery rules and regulations.

Cemetery Installation Fees & Regulations
Love Markers is not responsible for any cemetery or installation fees. The prices you see on do not include the cost of installation. Many cemeteries will have fees for installation and endowment care that you will pay directly to them. Check with them to find out what those charges might be. Most cemeteries require payment in full before accepting delivery of a memorial. When you check with them about their rules and regulations, verify when the payment has to be made. It may be possible to pay them as soon as you order the memorial.

Love Markers will do everything in its power to ensure that all memorials sold meet the requirements of the cemetery in which it is being installed. It is, however, ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser that the marker conforms to cemetery regulations.

Natural Materials
When purchasing a memorial, the purchaser acknowledges that granite is a natural material with variations in color and characteristics. Please see the emblems page for the standard granite base colors for bronze memorials. Each of these colors is standard for Granit-Bronz markers and is included in the price of each marker. Occasionally, cemeteries require granite bases be a color of their choosing. Please contact the cemetery to see if a particular granite color is required. Should you want to purchase a marker from Matthews Bronze please call for granite color selection.

Love Markers also offers many other popular granite colors. For an additional price, selection of a different color for your base or marker can be arranged.

Delivery time is normally 6 - 8 weeks after receipt of payment, cemetery and layout approval. Additional design elements (custom bronze designs, custom designs, portraits, etc.) may extend the delivery time. All memorials are shipped via truck freight. All freight costs are included in the price of the marker to cemetery or business destinations within the continental U.S. Additional shipping charges will apply if marker is shipped to any other area. Residential delivery is available at an additional charge. Any special shipping requirements will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Special requirements may include but are not limited to lift gates, rescheduling of delivery and non-commercial delivery. Should your marker incur damage during shipment, note the damages on the bill of lading. Contact us immediately and fax us a copy of the bill of lading so we can help you file a claim promptly. The shipping company will need to know the exact damage to the memorial. If possible, take a photo when you uncrate it-after noting the damage on the bill of lading. It is important to inspect the memorial immediately. The time frame to file a claim is usually 15 days. All merchandise should be retained in the original shipping container in the same condition when damage was discovered until an inspection can be done. While Love Markers will assist in filing a claim for damages, we are not responsible for the memorial after the bill of lading has been signed and delivery has been accepted.

Love Markers must be paid in full before submitting the order to the manufacturer. On cemetery markers, purchaser will receive a layout for their approval. Production will not begin until a signed copy of the layout is received from the purchaser by Love Markers and the memorial has been paid in full. At the completion of all paperwork payment must be started within 30 days for the file to stay active. We accept payments in the form of credit cards, money orders and personal checks. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There will be a $35.00 fee for all returned checks. All past due invoices are subject to a monthly 5% finance charge.

Sales Tax
Sales tax will be added to all orders shipped within the state of Tennessee at the rate of 9.75%. Purchaser will be responsible for any applicable taxes in states other than Tennessee.

We are a custom monument company, there are no refunds on monuments and markers with a name in them - we have a cancellation policy


Our Name
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Privacy Policy
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Love Markers offers a variety of flat bronze cemetery markers in many design styles and sizes. Granite grave marker designs can be customized with many different design elements. We specialize in custom marker designs. We can help you with the artistic custom design you envision, from portrait collages to etchings. Please contact us by phone or email--we are confident we can help you with a unique grave marker. If you are searching for an upright memorial or mausoleum please visit our custom monuments and headstones site Media courtesy of Coldspring © 2023

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