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Custom Cemetery Markers


Custom markers are a beautiful way to memorialize your loved ones by adding that personal touch of photos, art or signatures to the cemetery markers.  Custom grave markers are available as laser etched granite or etched bronze.   Adding that extra item such as a full-color ceramic portrait or flower vase helps the marker become even more outstanding.

We are glad to help with ideas and pricing for a custom cemetery marker, please call us at 888-257-3130. 


Our black granite markers are laser etched with elements of design special to each family.  

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Images, lettering and backgrounds can be engraved in detail on our bronze cemetery markers.  Grave markers can be made in color or with an antique finish.  A flower vase can be included.  Please call to discuss personalization of a single or companion bronze etched marker.

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Pricing is based on the size of the marker and the art elements added to the design.  Please call to discuss the perfect memorial for your loved one.  We will be glad to help with a cost.



Custom marker production and delivery time may take longer than the standard bronze and granite marker delivery.  

All photographs, artwork, or signatures (handwriting) should be submitted without cropping or editing.  Digital images are the best to use.  However, there are some of us that still have paper photographs.  Scanning the images must be done with a resolution of 300 DPI or more in a JPG or JPEG format.  We will be glad to help with instructions for the best image quality.  

Love Markers offers a variety of flat bronze cemetery markers in many design styles and sizes. Granite grave marker designs can be customized with many different design elements. We specialize in custom marker designs. We can help you with the artistic custom design you envision, from portrait collages to etchings. Please contact us by phone or email--we are confident we can help you with a unique grave marker. If you are searching for an upright memorial or mausoleum please visit our custom monuments and headstones site Media courtesy of Coldspring © 2023

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